Samsung Wallet To Be Introduced In 13 New Countries

The Samsung Electronics department has declared that Samsung Wallet is going to become available in thirteen new marketplaces all over the world this year. After the date of its initial release in 2022, June, the electronic payment service has grown in popularity.

It is growing more and more famous and used with each month and is promised to become wider accessible to individuals in several new countries including the North of Europe (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden), several Asian ones (Kazakhstan, Vietnam) and some countries in South Africa and the United States.

The team’s excitement

Jenny Khan, Executive Vice-Her President at Samsung Electronics and Head of Electronic department of Samsung  stated that she and the whole team of Samsung are extremely excited to launch the Wallet project in new countries and help their citizens to make payments faster and easier.

They all feel really committed to the project and the people whose life they are trying to improve.  The CEO and Samsung engineers, as well as designers and other employees, feel really empowered and have a great desire to help more people in the world experience the use of Samsung Pay and their digital products.

How does it all work

This product, Samsung Wallet is a simple gesture operated app, that is basically a payment system, which helps the user to rapidly, simply handle their documentation with full privacy and data protection, as well as retrieve essential documentation and identities, from debit cards and electronic versions of cards, their licenses and personal IDs.

Samsung will work with many trustworthy developers and partners to further improve the functionality of their payment service and its security.

Data protection

Samsung Wallet is secured by the Knox safety services, also developed and maintained by Samsung engineers and programmers. Fingermark acceptance is a secure way to enter the app, and encoding methods  are included to ensure sensitive user personal information is secured. Additionally, Samsung Wallet services and main offices retain sensitive and valuable documents in a separate room, providing an additional level of protective covering against possible physical and digital attack efforts.

So the new application might make the lives of thousands of people easier and more comfortable.

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