Samsung Proceeds Developing Its AI Voice Assistant

Samsung goes on with its work to create a brand – new voice assistant that might help enhance the user experience. Currently, it has been supplied with the new feature of understanding the Spanish-related languages and the Latin American English accent.

Now, users from all over the world have a chance to use their mother tongue for the AI helper, but Portuguese was the only South American language supported before the recent developments.

The Electronic and Innovation department of Samsung is really excited to show their new tech advancement to the users and get their feedback.

History of the voice assistant

Bixby, the Samsung AI helper, was first released only 5 years ago. And since then, it has turned into a powerful AI tool to help clients use Samsung devices with ease.

The Samsung management expressed great excitement when giving a press release of the new features to introduce in Samsung AI-related devices. Currently Bixby supports multiple languages all over the world and is available for more than four hundred million users.

The AI assistant works a lot like a real-life human helper: makes your calendar for you, checks it, answers the phone calls (often with the use of a pre-recorded audio), reminds you of things you need to do and helps you plan your day. Lots of processes can be automated and done on a planned schedule.

But real intelligence involves the ability to comprehend spoken and written language and the way the machine can understand the natural interaction of its users. At first, it was only English. Now it can comprehend dozens of languages, and Spanish-related ones have recently been added.

The growing popularity

Bixby has been gaining more and more popularity over the past several years – only in the course of 2022 the number of evolved clients has risen twice and now surpassed the level of two hundred thousand registered accounts.

Bixby can also help users manage their smart home system. With the newly built functions Bixby can easily connect with all kinds of devices that support the Bluetooth connection.

Any client can now easily regulate the work of devices at their home with their voice. And as more languages are being added, the more convenient it becomes for a people from different countries to use the device and make their life more comfortable.

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