Apple Music Collaboration With Mercedes

Apple with the cooperation with Mercedes-Benz are providing the iconic Apple Music Spatial Audio feature with Dolby Atmos support as the first native feature in Mercedes-Benz cars, fulfilling their shared commitment to providing the best music experience for customers around the world.

Apple Music usage in Mercedes-Benz cars

Apple Music  is in full incorporation into the audio instrumentation in the Mercedes S-Class cars, giving them a maximum quality of audios that surpasses any performance hall.

The quality of music played is crucial to Apple.  That is why the Apple authorities are so eager to collaborate with Mercedes and to showcase their new product and integration.

The opportunities for car owners

Mercedes-Benz’s owners, who sign in for Apple Music, can listen to songs and albums by world-class musicians that create music of all kinds and moods, from energetic hip-hop to nostalgic country and moving active Latin and pop.  They can choose from an ever-expanding selection, all of this is immediately available on Apple Music.

It also offers multiple choices of playlists and music mood, allowing car owners to discover and enjoy the music of their favored musicians. In addition, Apple Music customers have entrée to a full book of 100 million musical compositions, including all the artists and presenters on global streaming radio stations and other popular Apple Music services, as well as an editorially curated catalog and access to thousands of playlists and daily selections from the world’s top music experts.

The full equipment

The small-scale Mercedes was introduced a month ago. It is still just one of the 1st autos among all other cars to offer this outstanding 4-dimensional music listening experience with  brand-new technologically advanced 4D audio system, and the first model in the Mercedes-Benz lineup.

The system includes 6 3D loudspeakers radiating audio from higher up, four loudspeakers in front of the front seats, 31 speakers including an 18.5-liter bass producing speaker, 8 acoustic audio transducing devices, and a total of about 1,750 W of electric power. The engineering miracle will be extended to cars of other series in the near future.

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