Huawei Uses AI To Monitor Endangered Monkey Species

A 10 km2 rainforest area in the Bawanglin district of Hainan National Park is home to 36 members of the Red Book of Threatened Species, the world’s rarest primate. The monitoring of this tiny tenaguar monkey population and the implementation of protection and repopulation strategies, however, have historically proven to be challenging.

The monkeys

The Hainan long-tailed macaque behaves in a peculiar way. They have a highly developed vocal system, and they constantly make loud cries. The Hainan Bawang Ring Gibbon Monitoring Team noted that because they spend most of their time active within the canopy, it is very challenging to observe them.

Previously, data were gathered over a three-month inspection cycle by park rangers and collected using autonomous equipment that collects and analyzes audio recordings. Since the storage devices could just have data for 15 days and was therefore largely inactive, there was a significant knowledge gap that prevented effective conservation.

To investigate how digital technology can give the reintroduction of the Hainan gibbon new life, Huawei has released a new undertaking in late 2021 under the new partnership with a nature preserving organization.

The deputy director of the Research Institute of Hainan National Park, Professor Wang Jichao, stated that science and engineering can significantly increase the accessibility and timing of data, presenting more chances and inventions for conservation.

The solution system details

A solution with cloud storage, wireless communication, and AI analytics was created and put into place by the partners. Artificial intelligence is used to analyze real-time voice data from devices that are transmitted to the cloud on a continuous basis. The system will use Huawei’s artificial intelligence system to create a specific voice identifier for each individual tenant monkey.

Algorithms trained to recognize tenant monkeys’ calls have already demonstrated 89.2 percent recognition accuracy. The tenumen population will be monitored by conservationists, who will use this level of precision to create aimed population recovery plans.

The Hainan National Park Research Institute and Huawei jointly organized the Green Sites for Nature Conservation event, which was held on October 24.

Huawei participated in the symposium alongside international proficients to talk about the function of tech in protecting endangered species like the flagman, umbrella macaw, and Hainan hand macaw and conserving rainforests.

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