Top AI Scientists Will Meet At Samsung AI Forum

Samsung AI Forum 2022 will bring together eminent tech scientists and business leaders to discuss the future of AI. AI specialists gathered to talk about AI tech, which will set new standards for innovation in future engineering.

The technical conferences that followed covered topics all related to AI and innovation. Lots of professors and researchers presented papers on the most recent research findings on AI algorithms during the session “Recent Advances in AI Algorithms.”

Alan Gara, a former IBM and Intel Fellow, and other top supercomputing researchers spoke about the hereafter of advanced computer science in a session titled “Large Scale Computing for AI and High-Performance Computing.”

In-memory processing, a ground-breaking innovation that will result from the development of next-generation supercomputers, was also insightfully demonstrated by him.

Additional events

Additionally, a number of events were held, accelerating ongoing research in the field of AI. The second day will be devoted to the path of approaching AI tech that are going to have an important impact on people’s everyday life.

Sebastian Seng’s keynote speech will be given on behalf of Samsung Research. A presentation by the head of the recently established Global Research Center on “The Current Status of AI Research Conducted by Samsung Research.”

The most renowned artificial intelligence conference in the world, NeurIPS, was founded by Prof. T. Sejnowski. He proposed a new programming language exemplary grounded on a data-based instance that examines the intelligence of a hyper-scale language model.

The head of the Microsoft Research Lab, Dr. Johannes Gercke, will then present the directions for future AI research to ensure the ethical and accountable application of super-scale AI in commercial goods and services.

Expanding knowledge

Finally, Professor Seung-won Hwang discusses how relations, evidence, and different types of info can be used to enhance and make new AI models. Additionally, there will be a brief talk where investigators from the top AI research centers will outline their most recent findings.

Visitors to the booth will have the chance to see a number of demonstrations and investigation notices made by the World Center for Artificial Intelligence and engage in direct conversation with scientists.

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