Huawei Launches AI Systems To Lower Energy Consumption

Recently, a global mobile was organized in the capital of Thailand in Bangkok. Lots of prominent companies decided to take part in the event, including Huawei.

The company is currently paying close attention to the development of the 5G internet connection system and utilizing technologies to improve the overall user experience. The new AI-architecture of software was recently built with the application of the most recent technological advances.

The company engineers their best to draw in AI into wireless web systems and let every user get access to new technology. They try assisting users to reach AI systems and proceed with transactions, framework optimization and speeding up the operation and maintenance, and the transition to wireless autonomous networks.

The new methods

With the help of the iFaultCare methods, network operators can transition from reactive to proactive operation and maintenance, bringing predictive capabilities to network operations and maintenance.

Through intelligent analysis and simulation, the solution focuses on network failure scenarios, foresees potential issues and risks, and decreases cellular downtime by 22%.

By using clever algorithms to manage gas savings are becoming much more efficient while guaranteeing consistent framework show, the iPowerStar solution achieves “one site, one policy” and delivers this system.

Additionally, it offers multi-target improvement for gas actions, assisting network designers in developing systems that strike the ideal equilibrium between execution and power intake. IPowerStar saves 30% more energy than conventional techniques, which only reduce energy use by about 15%.

Benefits for users

As people move toward full-band 5G deployment, the smart multi-band solution from iHashBAND matches the idea of occurrence in a single framework and has computerized mesh-based framework foretelling capabilities.

In multiservice scenarios, it significantly enhances uplink and downlink user experiences and unleashes the full potential of multi-band networks. Without modifying spectrum resources or hardware, iHashBAND enhances user experience by 30% on average compared to conventional solutions.

In order to enable more adaptable service deployment and more stable service delivery, the 5GtoX Suite incorporates AI into lots of works. Optimal network performance and energy efficiency, said Jiang Xudong, president of Huawei SingleRAN Product Line.

Huawei is the host of the 13th Global Mobile Broadband Forum, and GSMA and GTI are supporting sponsors. This presents a chance for mobile ecosystems and related systems to re-engage, re-shape, and re-imagine an amply interconnected AI system.

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