Coming to India Next Year – Tesla

At the beginning of next year, billionaire Elon Musk’s clean energy and electric vehicle company Tesla will start operations in India. Nitin Gadkari, the Minister for Road Transport and Highways, confirmed it. There are anticipations that Tesla will first trade its cars in India. It will also consider establishing a manufacturing firm afterward; demand will determine this. Gadkari gave this information to ‘The Times of India.’

Already, Gadkari has held several discussions with leading Tesla executives. Some governments have also met with this electric vehicle firm about selling its cars in India.

Gadkari commented at a media function recently that plans are underway to create electric vehicles and also said that many Indian companies also intend to manufacture electric vehicles.

Musk stated on Sunday that in 2021, Tesla intends to join the Indian market, but not January. But, this is not the initial time that Musk talked about Tesla joining the market in India.

In October, Tesla’s billionaire CEO also said that the firm would commence India operations ‘without a doubt in the coming year.’

According to the TOI story, Tesla would launch pre-booking for its vehicle, the Model 3, and deliveries would happen by June. There is no possibility that the firm will partner with dealerships for the trade of its vehicle.

Prospective clients need to be aware that although the Model 3 presents one of Tesla’s reasonably priced vehicles, it will be costly in India since they come as CBU (completely built units) with a high import duty fee. The price has not been confirmed, but according to reports, in India, the cost of one Tesla Model 3 will be Rs 55 lakh.

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