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The world of online trading has attracted the interest of many in today’s times. With a struggling economy and the difficulty of maintaining a good standard of living on a limited income, people are looking for shortcuts to make money quickly.

Most of the routes that you will come across will fall into the shady or illegal arena. Online trading is the only one that doesn’t fall in this category and offers people plenty of avenues to explore in order to make a solid amount of money. Plus, you can do it quickly and on your own time, as you see fit.

There was a time when trading in the financial markets was fraught with hurdles and paperwork. But, since everything has moved online, a lot of the hassle is eliminated. You don’t need to be experienced in the market or even have any degrees or certificates to begin. As long as you are willing to invest some funds, you just need to start looking for a broker. This is the only criteria you have to meet, but it is an important one because without a trading platform, you will not be able to connect to the financial markets to begin your trading.

As online trading is fast becoming the norm, a number of these platforms can easily be found. Like everything else, you can get a list of the options through a Google search. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that you don’t put any thought into picking a brokerage. There might be plenty of options, but not all of them will be capable of fulfilling your needs. Every company will obviously claim to be good at what they do and will tout their services, but it is your job to dig deep and find out if they live up to them.

This is what you need to do in the case of, one of the companies that you will find in your list. They are offering their services to traders from every background and skill level and claim to offer an optimal trading environment. But, do they? To answer this question, you need to take a look at what their services include. Let’s do that; forex trading

  • Security of information and funds

While the internet has simplified a lot of procedures and things, there are some risks associated with it as well. There is no denying that online trading can be smooth and convenient, but it also means that you are susceptible to risks of identity theft or having your hard-earned money stolen. You would obviously want to avoid that and the best way to go about it is to look at the security measures taken by a broker for mitigating these risks. The security of your information and funds is important, so has put in some protocols to accomplish this goal.

Funds are deposited with the top investment banks and account segregation rules are followed to prevent any mix ups. The company does not use your funds for its own obligations. In the event of bankruptcy, they are returned to you. has also used advanced SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption for keeping all your data safe from prying eyes. Every piece of data is immediately encrypted to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. Most importantly, the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) policies are also in place.

These require traders to submit proof of identity and proof of residence in order to use’s services. The former can be given by providing a scanned copy of your passport, national ID card or driver’s license. The latter, on the other hand, can be given by submitting a credit card bill or bank statement that shows your name and address. Proof of payment is needed in case you plan to use a debit or credit card for payment. This is a way of ensuring that only legitimate accounts can be made and no criminal activities like money laundering, identity theft or terrorist financing can be done via their trading platform. Ease of trade executions

  • Ease of trade executions

After you have verified a broker’s claims regarding security and ensured they are suitable, the next step is to take a look at the trading platform. This is one of the most vital features of the company because it is what you use for executing your trades. You need a trading platform for opening and closing your trades and has obliged by offering a web-based one. This version of the trading platform is accessed through their website and doesn’t have any download or installation requirements to go with it. It is powered by innovative technology and boasts a user-friendly interface, ensuring that all traders can use it easily, even if they are just starting out.

The web platform is easy to navigate and provides superior and fast trade execution, so you can take advantage of quick market movements easily. Apart from that, has also equipped the platform with some powerful trading tools to enhance your trading experience. You can find fundamental and technical analysis tools, trading indicators and signals, price alerts and charting tools. All transactions are conducted in real-time, to show you the results. Moreover, the platform gives you flexibility, as it can be used on desktops or on mobile devices, both iOS and Android, allowing you to trade them from anywhere.

  • Simple registration

Registration is an essential step to complete in order to use a broker’s services, but the procedure will vary from company to company. It is a good idea to take a look because you want to be able to register quickly and without having to go through a lot of paperwork. claims to have a simple registration procedure and you can confirm by going to their website and clicking on the ‘Register’ option. It will give you one form that has to be completed and it won’t take you more than a few minutes to get it done because the details are all basic.

You have to provide your first and last name, email address, password, phone number and location. They support three currencies; EUR, GBP and USD, and you need to choose one you want to use. The last step is to agree to’s Terms & Conditions that can be found on their website. You don’t have to wait for any kind of approval or other forms, as registration is now complete.

  • Account opening

After registration is done with, the next step in trading is to open an account with the broker. This is also an important part of the overall process because the account will keep track of your capital, your trading history and your information. Since is offering its services to traders from different backgrounds, it is expected that they will offer separate account options for every category. But, unlike the two to three options that are usual, they have put together six choices. This is certainly an advantage because it gives you enough room to find an account that suits your risk tolerance and trading style.

The account options begin with the Basic account, which is for traders with the most basic knowledge and understanding of the trading world. You have to deposit €1,000 to open this account and it will provide you with access to education center, 24/6 customer support, daily market review and pro webinars. Traders with slightly more experience and knowledge can opt for the Bronze account, which is available for a deposit of €10,000. It gives access to a dedicated account manager, along with price alerts to the trader.

The third account option is referred to as silver, and the deposit requirement goes up again to €25,000, as this one is more for intermediate traders. There is an Islamic account option available, along with personalized trading strategy at this point. Then comes the Gold account, this one is for advanced traders and requires a deposit of €50,000. Features of other accounts are included, along with custom analytics to assist traders. The fifth account is referred to as Platinum, which needs a deposit of €100,000 and provides 1-on-1 training and exclusive position access.

The last account is known as Black, one that works for professional traders. Instead of signing up for this account, has specified a certain criteria that traders have to fulfill to open it. You can ask your account manager to provide you more details about what is required. It comes with premier event invitations, along with other features offered by the rest of the accounts.

  • Varied payment solutions

When you have determined that you will be able to find an account option that works for you and allows you to trade comfortably, you have to start thinking of how you will meet the minimum deposit requirements to begin. It is not possible to start trading without making a deposit and in order to do so, you have to look at the methods available. No two brokers will offer you the same options, so it is best to have a look and see if there is a convenient option for you. claims to facilitate its clients by offering varied payment solutions to them.

You will come across a combination of traditional and modern payment solutions provided on the platform. The former include the option of bank wire transfer, in which your account is directly used for adding funds. The second category includes more than one option. You can use your debit or credit cards for making your deposits, including Visa, MasterCard and Maestro. Along with this, has also incorporated e-wallet options like Neteller, as they are quite popular amongst online traders due to their speed and low cost.

These payment solutions are available, not just for deposits, but also for withdrawals. You can use them for taking out any profits you have made via trading. The deposits are usually completed immediately, and don’t incur any charges by the broker. Withdrawals, on the other hand, require a few days to process and there may be some charges applicable, which vary for every method. Strong customer support

  • Strong customer support

Perhaps, one of the best ways to determine whether a business takes its customers seriously or not, is by taking a look at their customer support. If they lack in this area, chances are that the claims they have made are mostly false. With, you will discover that they don’t just talk about providing customer support, but actually do a good job of it. To begin with, you will find a full-fledged FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section on their website. Under here, you can find answers to basic questions that you may have about them or their services.

But, if your query is of a more technical or unique nature, has provided other channels that you can explore as well. They have agents available 24/6 to respond to their customers’ needs in different ways. You can visit the Contact Us section on their website and you will find an online contact form that you can fill for this purpose. If that doesn’t work for you, it is possible to send them an email with your query. A phone number has also been shared, so you can give them a call if anything urgent pops up. Their representatives are friendly and knowledgeable and will try to resolve your problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • Other highlights also provides an education center on their website, where traders can find plenty of guidance, educational and learning materials available. They are a great way of learning the ins and outs of trading and minimizing mistakes. There is also a Bring a Friend program on their website, which allows traders to earn commission by referring the brokerage to their friends and family. Furthermore, they are also quite transparent about their trading conditions and do not spring up any hidden charges on you. Hence, they do live up to all their claims and allow you to have a smooth trading experience.

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