The love-hate relationship between France and Amazon

Many people still utilize Amazon, although almost seven out of 10 people in France conceded to a petition advocating for a Christmas boycott.

In France, Amazon presents the most prominent e-commerce site, occupying 30% of the market. It has existed for almost 20 years and has a staff of 10,000. In 2019 it submitted tax worth around  €450 million. 

According to analysts, 2020 sales will possibly experience an improvement of between 40% and 50% in the course of the two lockdowns. The public expresses its satisfaction with the service provided by the US giant. However, for politicians, the firm has turned into a thorn in the flesh.

Analysts say that in 2020 the two lockdowns possibly boosted sales  by between 40% and 50%. The public states that all in all, they are satisfied with the US giant’s service. However, for politicians of all political affiliations, the firm has turned into a thorn in the flesh.

Anne Hidalgo, Paris Mayor, and Delphine Batho, former environment minister, were among the ones who endorsed a petition advocating for ‘a Christmas without Amazon,’ and according to a poll, 70% of the population was in agreement.

Lyon’s mayor has joined ranks with local businesses in a court action against another Amazon warehouse close to the city’s airport. EU has been investigating the company over supposed unjust commercial activities. Various independent traders who use its platform to trade allege that it made it difficult for their items to be accessed on the site and it used their information to improve their sales or supported the sellers who use their delivery services.

It  also stirred  up some conflict when it imposed a delivery fee of only one centime following France’s ban of free deliveries to assist local shops. L’Obs French media stated that some individuals are morally torn between the ‘shame’ and convenience connected to it. According to one reader, he conceals the packaging fast before heading home with delivered purchases.

In the coming three years, Amazon intends to double its French precence with a big warehouse and a maximum of ten new distribution centers expected to launch every year.

Jerome Libeskind,  an E-commerce and logistics expert who manages the Logicites consultancy, remarked, ‘It is unimaginable that President Macron, who launched an Amazon logistics centre three years back would take the same action today.’

‘Amazon is a favorite with local politicians as they provide taxes and jobs.  Workers are similar to them as they normally pay more than the Smic minimum salary and have remarkable working conditions (great sports clubs and canteens, etc). However, the public image, projected by politicians is awful.’

‘I believe that it is mostly because of terrible corporate communications.’

They do not just document any numbers about the business they conduct in France; they ignored all state inquiries and think-tanks about e-commerce that have occurred in France to create policies about e-commerce.’

He also said that the firm, which, according to him, took many positive steps, was not present in France’s environmental debate.

’They set up their sites apart from the logistics places that local and regional states created, undoubtedly  due to its affordability. When they do this they raise their unfavorable environmental effect since synergies are nonexistent and their staff need vehicles,’ he stated.

‘Some sites are much worse, although they do not experience the kind of condemnation Amazon does.’

‘For instance, according to Alibaba’s French sites tests, the products selling at €20 on it usually have customs declaration of €2 to avoid custom duties. However, they are not harassed by anyone.’

‘Amazon can support us, or continue being a sign of the issue.’

‘Demonstrations target Amazon because everyone utilizes it and it is recognized by all,’ stated Attack tax expert Vincent Drezet. This association works as a think-tank (left-wing) and also participates in specific, peaceful activities.

‘It still remains a sign of numerous factors in our changing society, for instance, the environment, economy, fiscal policy and society that Amazon portrays and magnifies, which we dispute.’

‘Should we be forced to consume unnecessary items, which originate from a different section of the globe?’  he asked.

‘Even though Amazon is not the only one responsible for the town centers issues, when individuals purchase books from it  instead of the nearby bookshop, it does not make things better.’

 The tax query mainly criticizes the company. He remarked that his studies indicated about 30% or a third of e-commerce sellers submitted false information on VAT, particularly the ones sending items from outside the EU.

‘It is not Amazon’s fault if individuals use its platforms for deceitful purpose. However, since it is the biggest e-commerce marketplace, it represents a sign. It is the reason we illustrate it to emphasize the issue,’ he stated.

He said this about the future, ‘We need to embrace the existence of e-commerce and its permanency. However,  our wish is for it to be more controlled to avoid it harming the surroundings, businesses in France or its staff, and files the correct tax amount on its business operations.

Amazon has the option of being on our side or remaining a sign of what’s wrong.’

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