Samsung May Launch an Innovative Phone For You That Supersedes the Mi Mix 4

The Mi Mix series from Xiaomi has normally presented truly amazing smartphone designs; however, it does not appear to have plans of presenting a Mi Mix 4 soon.

But, Samsung might save the day since this South Korean firm has filed a patent for a smartphone design that is very innovative.

After launching phones such as the Galaxy Z Flip, the Galaxy Fold, and the Galaxy A80 consisting of  a swiveling camera module, Samsung appears ready to experiment with non-conventional structures and factors. The South Korean company may have another similar device in the pipeline.

LetsGoDigital, a Dutch outlet, indicates that Samsung has recently filed a new patent for what appears to be an all-screen phone that is the same concept as last year’s Mi Mix Alpha phone from Xiaomi.

But, this latest patented device seems more advanced. It does not have a frame at all but features a sliding camera mechanism that reminds one of the Mi Mix 3.

Apart from the fashionable design, in theory, it will provide unique features like transforming its appearance like a chameleon to conform to the surroundings because of its all-screen form. As to be expected, technology like this is expensive. The cost of the Mi Mix Alpha is more than US$2500, and if Samsung presents a more advanced model, the price will be much higher.

Unfortunately, Xiaomi does not seem to be launching more from its Mi Mix Series; this brand has presented the most impactful and remarkable smartphone designs ever.

It will take time for the Mi Mix 4 to be launched, and this Samsung device might be their ideal opportunity to acquire a crazy, semi-unique design. It will cost a lot more than you would expect the Mix to be.

Some weeks back, it was reported that Xiaomi was patenting a smartphone design having a secondary form and a slider. The chances are that when and if the Mi Mix 4 is launched, it will look the same.

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