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OmikoTrade Review

OmikoTrade logoYour relationship with a broker is always long term. It can be hard to find a broker that can adjust to your style of trading. But when you do find the right broker, you want to stay with them as long as you possibly can.

However, it can be hard to stay with a single broker for a long time, especially as your trading style changes over the years. You need a broker that can cater to your changing style throughout your trading experience. A jack of all trades if you will. OmikoTrade is a broker that can cater to most of your changing styles.

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All Your Preferred Assets in One Place

The main reason that people register to a broker is their service, and their collection of assets. While no broker can offer both excellent service and a good collection of assets, they can offer a balance between the two. So how does OmikoTrade’s lineup of assets hold up? It is pretty good.

OmikoTrade offers their traders a multitude of popular assets for investing and trading. They also offer niche stocks such as commodities and indices. This diversity in assets, although not particularly impressive, is still more than what most brokers offer.

Most brokers stay offer the most popular assets and call it a day. While they certainly offer a significantly better return, they cut off a major part of their audience that wants to deal in other assets. Not everyone can or want to deal in a large variety of assets. Instead they would better trade only commodities or indices.

Their diversity in assets further shows how they are a broker worth your long term connection. With time if you want to trade in something else, you can always switch.

OmikoTrade Forex Trading

Services for Any Stage

As I mentioned before, there are two sides to any broker. One is the assets they offer, and the other includes the services that they offer. Finding a balance between the two allows brokers to keep a good relationship with their traders. After looking at the asset side of the coin, let’s look at the services side of the coin.

OmikoTrade offers a wide range of services to help their traders. These services include access to personal trading account sessions, Ebooks, and even a senior level account manager. All of these are available throughout the various account types that they offer.

Moreover, they also provide their traders with various trading platforms they can use at their convenience. These platforms include a web and mobile trader, along with the Meta Trader 4 application. All three combine to create a wonderful trading experience at the client’s leisure.

Account Types

OmikoTrade offers various account types to its traders to better reflect their skill. Their first account is silver, which focuses on new traders. It has low deposit fee, and a collection of good features that will help new traders achieve their fullest potential.

The accounts move further above the ladder, which include various features and offer more perks. You can ascend this ladder by making the required minimum deposit. The highest account is the signature account, which holds all of the features of previous accounts with new ones as well. The different account types are especially great for traders that plan on staying with OmikoTrade.

OmikoTrade account types

Trading Platforms

Another service they offer their traders is a diverse selection of trading platforms. Whether you want to dedicate a specific time of day to trading or like to trade on the go, they have a solution for you. Even though they use the same methods as other brokers, they are able to provide a different trading experience.

OmikoTrade offers users the Meta Trader 4 trading platform throughout all of its account types. This third party application is one that most brokers use for its user-friendly interface and easy navigation.

OmikoTrade trading platform


Security is a major concern when choosing a broker, as there is a lot of money hanging in the balance. Luckily brokers take the security of their service very seriously. Most brokers come with data encryption that protects your data from hackers. OmikoTrade also offers proper encryption throughout its services, protecting their traders from any significant threats.

Customer Support

Customer support is a major part of any brokerage. As newer traders are making their way to the market, they will need a proper system to help them make the most of their experience. However, most brokers do not focus on customer support as much as they should.

Fortunately, OmikoTrade takes their customer support very seriously. While they do not offer new ways for you to contact them, they do reply very quickly to email and calls. Some may consider it a disadvantage that they do not offer more means of contact. But they are able to make up for it by replying quickly.

OmikoTrade client support

A Great Place to Grow As a Trader

A common fear that new traders have when they start, is that they are just one mistake away from losing everything. I personally know people that are very afraid of trading because it is risky. However, that is simply not true.

Of course, trading is risky. But if you trade sensibly while measuring your risks, you will not take as big a hit. Furthermore, as you grow, trading will come more naturally to you and you will be able to take more measured risks.

Take your Time Trading

Another important thing that I would advise you is that you should take it slow when you start trading. I know that you are eagerly waiting to speed past the initial days of learning. But if you go through the learning phase too quickly, you might miss out on crucial details.

There is no hurry for you to improve and get better. Therefore, you should take your time and learn everything that you can about trading one step at a time. And when you do, you can move onto making the most out of your overall trading experience.

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