Q&a Apple – A New Program To Help Developers All Over The World

The Apple company announced a new list of interactive Q&A and individual ‘Ask Apple’ conferences. This gives engineers even more freedom to communicate straight with Apple employees for information, news, support and feedback.

Developers taking part in ‘Ask Apple’ can learn about a range of topics, including tests of the latest features.

Ask Apple

Introduction of  new and improved frameworks, new functionalities such as Dynamic Island and turning to SwiftUI and opennes:  all of these were shown by Apple executives at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) . They also prepared the release of new hardware and operating systems. “Ask Apple”  was also introduced.

It is a free service, open to any member of the Apple Developer Program and Apple Developer Enterprise Program that helps learning and growing as a developer much faster.

The series of talks allows programmers to question different members of the Apple team at Q&A in Slack or in individual Office Hours. Q&A meetings allow developers to connect with Apple engineers and designers from around the world, get questions answered, share knowledge and interact with fellow developers online.

The features available

The program is focused on making and delivering fascinating apps that use the latest technological and design advances. App engineers can request code-level support, design guidance, feedback on technology deployment and frameworks, troubleshooting and app validation guides, distribution tools and more.

Vice President of Global Developer Relations and Corporate Marketing and Education states that the Apple team is devoted to continually expanding backing for the versatile international programmer community, and they are enthusiastic to offer Ask Apple as a new resource.

Support of education all over the world

Ask Apple is supported by such outstanding businesses as Tech Talks and Meet with App Store Expert, which last year provided developers with more than 200 live demonstrations and hundreds of hours of desktop use. So with the new project available, Apple will give many developers a chance to explore high-end technologies and ask all the important questions for free.

This program will definitely help in their development as professionals and let them grow and potentially become new Apple employees. This program is one of many others that Apple organizes all over the World in order to promote education and development of technical skills of the population.

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