Elon Musk has ‘great faith’ that in 2021, Tesla will present full-autonomous driving

The Tesla CEO has earlier expressed confidence that the firm has level-five autonomy abilities.

Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, has once more outlined an elaborate timeline that the electric car manufacturer has, for presenting full autonomous driving operations. He informed clients that they will have access to it in 2021.

Currently, Tesla cars have the essential hardware for future ‘Full Self-Driving’ abilities. However, their only capability is ‘Autopilot,’ Tesla’s improved driver assistance mechanism that can accelerate, brake, and steer automatically under the driver’s control.

But, as the billionaire founder received the Axel Springer Award in Germany for innovation, he remarked that he had ‘great hope’ that next year, full autonomy would be achieved.

‘I have significant confidence that next year we will attain total autonomy and provide it to the Tesla client base,’ said Musk.

Additionally, Musk talked about how most states presently have restrictions that forbid the technology. He added, ‘However, I believe that next year a few areas will permit self-driving.’

Musk has several times in the past, changed his estimates for creating ‘Level Five’ autonomy, also referred to as full, driverless automation.

At the beginning of 2020, he stated that Tesla ‘was almost at Level Five autonomy’ and even hinted that it may be available before the year ends.

‘I am still hopeful that this year we shall complete the Level Five autonomy’s basic functionality,’ remarked Musk. In 2015, Musk also said that the technology might be available as soon as 2018. At the end of 2020, Tesla started presenting what it terms as its ‘Full Self-Driving Beta system’ that uses an opt-in-system to pick Tesla owners. However, despite the term, it does not yet feature Level Five autonomy.

The Beta system is sensitive to its surroundings and reacts accordingly; however, it still needs the driver’s control and foresight.

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