Apple has to provide an iPhone charger because it did not reveal ‘environmental advantages.’

Users in Brazil can buy an iPhone together with a charger.

Apple has excluded the headphones and chargers from all iPhones’ boxes being sold since the presentation of the iPhone 12. The reason is partly that it’s trying to lower the effect and encourage environmental conservation.

The dispute about iPhones lacking headphones, or a charger, has escalated as Brazilian authorities are adamant that this company, based in Cupertino, should provide a charger with the latest mobile devices. They will be on sale in the country, unlike before, after iPhone 12 was launched.


All this happened after the Pro-con-SP Foundation of Sao Paulo, Brazil, which is committed to consumer protection, appealed to Apple to provide concrete evidence of the non-provision of the charger in the latest smartphones’ box, which is not helpful for users.


Similarly, it requests you to confirm genuine and particular benefits of why excluding the iPhones charger helps the environment and how doing this has a ‘positive’ impact.

Apple has reacted to these requests but has failed to present a ‘convincing’ case to this agency that protects clients.

The Pro-con-SP page issued a statement saying that Apple has been requested to confirm the advantages of selling its phones with no charger.

One argument that the firm gives is that there is no new development apart from what they mentioned during its launch, where they revealed that it is beneficial to the environment since it decreases carbon emissions.

The charger is a necessity for using a mobile device. According to the Pro-con-SP Foundation, to utilize the phone, the charger is necessary. Additionally, they said that Apple has failed to indicate that old chargers are as effective in charging as the new ones.

There has not been any confirmation either that using third-party chargers is not a method the firm uses to avoid the warranty. Also, because the marketing technique used for this item has changed a lot in a significant and important manner, as this device is usually sold together with the charger, the change should have been announced. But it wasn’t, indicated a report by Pro-con-SP.

The authorities are assessing the decision. The foundation concludes by saying that the supervisory board will analyze Apple’s actions. All the same, the company should provide a charger for consumers.

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