Samsung Electronics recently made an announcement on creating new partnership deals with several global Original Design Manufacturing companies (Atmaca or Tempo). They are known to be at the forefront of technology and science, as well as electronic production. Such collaboration will lead to the usage of Samsung software on the TVs that are not produced by the Samsung company.

New TVs brands with Tizen software

New TVs under the several various brand names (Bauhn, Sunny Linsar and others) will soon become accessible to Australian, Italian, Spainish, Turkey customers as well as the UK citizens by the end of this year. A bit later, the smart-TVs will be distributed to New Zealand and several other countries.

This will allow more buyers to appreciate the Samsung Smart TV system. As well as the use of Samsung license and getting the latest updates. The new Tizen-enabled smart TVs have been produced after Samsung announced its new licensing documentation for the Tizen TV service at the Samsung Developer Conference in 2021.

The new functionality

Operated by the Tizen OS, new smart TVs will offer industry-leading functionalities and client services, content search and recommendation algorithms, applications and high-end technology. To support the smoothest acceptance of Tizen OS, Samsung is working with numerous content hardware optimization companies, as well as new drivers and software updates. Among other important features, Samsung TV plus and Universal Guide are mentioned. They will be accessible to new owners completely free.

Convenience for new customers

These partnerships enable various TV brands to access the full universe of entertainment previously offered exclusively on Samsung smart-TVs, allowing Tizen to advance its always expanding system to create new offerings for a new audience. The new guides to easily navigate and find any content across a variety of streaming apps will be introduced, and individually recommended content will be given to the customers so that they can devote more of their free time enjoying content and less looking for it.

New voice assistant Bixby will give users a chance to have a more comfortable way to use their smart TV. Users can ask Bixby to do anything they need on the TV and get a simultaneous response.

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