Samsung Collaborates With NAVER To Launch Data-Managing Algorithms

The Samsung tech corporation, the top company in the field of cutting-edge storage electronics development and production, and the NAVER company, a leading web-related business with best-in-class Artificial Intelligence advancements and software, recently declared a broad partnership to create new methods for hyper-scaling and hugely developed AI tools and frameworks. 

The project’s aims 

The two businesses will free up hardware and software resources by utilizing the tech corporation’s newly launched safety and data managing tech.

To expedite the process, the corporation developers are aiming to combine the systems of each and significantly enhance the management of heavy AI workloads.

The amount of data to process is growing exponentially as a result of recent advances in hyper scale AI.

But in order to meet these high computing demands, current computing systems’ performance and efficiency constraints present significant challenges, necessitating the development of brand-new AI-related resolutions. 

The semiconductor and AI disciplines need to come together completely in order to develop such solutions.

In order to develop a solution that pushes the boundaries of AI performance and energy efficiency at scale, Samsung brings together its expertise in new systems’ structure and development as well as making up the new-generation products related to the NAVER’s knowledge and abilities in creating and validating Artificial Intelligence tools and methods and AI-powered software. 

The upcoming developments

For many decades, Samsung was working on the next-generation storage (CXL) interface, which supports both high-bandwidth PIM-enabled storage (HBM-PIM) and Compute Express Links from computer storing methods.

In order to enhance these storage innovations and power expansive AI systems, Samsung is currently collaborating with NAVER. 

The hyper-scale-related code and programming tool HyperCLOVA, which has over two hundred billion constants and factors, is still being improved by NAVER, and it is also developing easy-to-understand frameworks that enhance compaction formulas to greatly improve procedure rates and their effectiveness.

The main goal of the collaboration is to create cutting-edge semiconductor solutions through the new partnership with NAVER to address storage restrictions in parallel AI systems.

They have increased our market-leading range in order to perfectly handle ever-increasing data volumes. These solutions are tailored to reflect the most urgent needs of AI service providers and users.

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