New Technology Helps Fighting PTSD

Lots of war veterans fear shutting his eyes and going to bed every night for years. Lots of them mention that over time, their nightmares grow more intense and fleshlier, walloping about while yelling commands and names. But such disastrous situations changed, Apple decided to introduce its NightWare. 

New medical app

With the help of Apple watches and smartphones, the electronic therapeutic system NightWare can stop nightmares caused by PTSD. It is the 1st and exclusive electronic healing product created for treating heavy fearful dreams that has been approved by the FDA, and it is only available with a prescription. 

Before going to sleep every night, the user should inspect his state with the help of this new system. Tyler Skluzacek developed the prototype about seven years ago while he was a student at Minnesota’s Macalester College. Skluzacek was interested in seeing if tech that might help his father, who had PTSD after serving in the military for two decades. 

The first introduction to the market

The idea was inspired by a dog’s ability to mildly prod its user to end a nightmare. Bringing NightWare to market has taken Tyler seven years, and he attributes a lot of that time to the ecosystem built around Apple.

The developers had to obtain an impartial safety examination and subject it for Food and Drug Administration approval. The products’ high quality and security played a significant role in obtaining that clearance.

For the many individuals who have sacrificed so much, it’s important to us that NightWare runs smoothly. 

Dr. Brian Robertson, a specialist in sleep medicine, served in the Army for 25 years before leaving as a colonel. One of his next-to-last positions before joining NightWare was overseeing the sleep disorderliness medical institution at the military medical research center.

Over the course of his career, Robertson has treated thousands of soldiers, and he has witnessed the desolation that PTSD causes.

Nightmares affect 80% of PTSD patients, and the suicide levels among the war soldiers is twice as high as among the non-veterans. The NightWare app displays the client’s heart pace information. Users can view their heart rate information. 

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