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LG’s OLED TV (55-inch) With HDMI 2.1 is Wonderful For Gaming and is Now Less Than $1,400

This TV is excellent for gaming (it hits 4K at 10Hz), and it now costs much less than before. Buying an OLED TV is expensive. However, it is now cheaper than it has ever been. It is partly because of stiff competition. Recently, Vizio joined the OLED market) and Black Friday will be here soon.

Due to the approaching sales bonanza, LG has drastically reduced the prices of the CX series (2020 model). The cheapest in this group is not the tiniest. As you may guess, it is the 48-inch model that we assessed in August (ideal gaming TV). That model’s price is $1,449.99, while Amazon sells the huger 55-inch model (OLED55CXPUA) at $1,349.99. To buy it at that amount, ensure that you tick the coupon box for $47.  You will save more than $450 over the MSRP and access more screen real estate at a lower price than the entry-level model.

We discovered that the 48-inch model is the ideal gaming TV. Currently, it is huger and more affordable. If you had planned to venture into the OLED space, the right time is now. Mainly, OLED displays are more appealing than LCD. Every single pixel consisting of an OLED screen can turn on and off. Some more sophisticated LCD TVs can become brighter due to the luminous backlight. However, it cannot compete with black levels; OLED is a winner.

For gaming, the CX series is also fantastic. One reason is it establishes HDMI 2.1, the newest HDMI specification that features the 4K bandwidth at 120Hz. Additionally, HDMI 2.1 is also compatible with VRR (variable refresh rate) to maintain sync of the gameplay frames between the GPU and the display. The CX series supports G-Sync completely.

I like TV reviews from Rtings, and according to them the CX is ‘outstanding for playing video games.’

If you want something that exceeds 55 inches, 65-inch and 77-inch models cost much less than before also. Amazon is selling the 65-inch model at $1,896.99 (save $901.01) and the 77-inch model costs $3,569.99 (save $1,402.01).


This flaw is common in OLED displays. Since OLED was first launched, there has been an improvement. It is mainly experienced in severe cases (after many hours of similar static content). Nevertheless, it is worth giving it a try.

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