Huawei Is Creating A Program To Support Thai Talented Engineers

During the recent world forum dedicated to mobile systems development in Bangkok in the middle of Fall this year, Huawei in collaboration with several prominent tech corporations jointly released an official statement on developing electronic-related startups and supporting young developers in the country of Thailand.

The development of new tech development plans

The widening range of digital businesses and related tech products in the country was a result of the country’s booming digital economy. By 2027, Thailand’s GDP will be 30 percent dependent on the digital economy, according to the white paper.

The white paper serves as the foundation for a new partnership that will result in the creation of an ICT tools improvement national master plan in conjunction with the Fifth Master Plan for the future development of tech. 

Inequality in digital access between urban and rural communities still exists in Thailand today.

As a result, MDES expresses its gratitude to Huawei for organizing the ICT Contest in the upcoming two years, which represents a further step in the development of new growing developers of future tech advancements with the skills necessary to create a comprehensive, superior, and long-lasting tech system in Thailand. 

The new educational and support initiative

Talent development is no longer solely the province of the state or of education, according to Abel Deng, President of Huawei Asia-Pacific Carrier Business Department.

Tech corporations now need a sustained, cooperative attempt between the state, businesses, educational opportunities, and the general public.

Since Huawei is a leader in electronic development and tech adoption and a source of cultural worth, they are dedicated to supporting them. 

People aim to promote a beneficial business ecosystem by making investments in the development of digital talent. Over a thousand top Thai educational institution scholars have benefited from Huawei’s ICT competition since it began in 2015.

Over 26,000 ICT workers have received training thanks to the assistance of Huawei ASEAN Academy (Thailand), which has partnered with 37 top universities in recent years.

In the years to come, Huawei plans to continue utilizing the major ideas made in the recent documentation, including its goal to train more than 10,000 digital youth in 2023 alone.

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