Huawei And Swisscom Created New 50G PON System

Swiss tech company in the collaboration with Huawei recently declared that the first 50G PON service test in the world had been successfully completed on the Swiss new optic system. This is the evidence of Swiss organization’s ongoing leading position in optic wideband works and tech.

After the companies finished the 1st fiber-based tech validation in the world in 2020, this represents another significant turning point in long-term collaborative innovation. Across the sphere, there is agreement that access in the future will be made through broadband networks. GPON/10G PON is at the heart of the technology.

The first developed optical system

The development of optical systems tech has accelerated recently due to the quick development of many new services like AR/VR and various cloud applications. In September 2021, the 50G PON standard received official approval from ITU-T.

The entire sphere framework, including standard-setting establishments, connection agents, and instrumentality, currently views 50G PON as the primary standard for next-generation PON technology.

Future technology

The state authorities, businesses, individual houses, and industrialized parklands are just a few of the application scenarios where 50G PON can be used. Based on currently available standards-compliant approaches to the services and wave distance specs, Swisscom and Huawei have validated 50G PON technology and services.

On Swisscom’s current optical network, 10G PON and 50G PON services will coexist, demonstrating the reliability of 50G PON’s high speeds and low latency for IPTV and high-speed Internet access.

This demonstrates that the newly built PON tech service is able to exist conveniently with the PON framework and back up its even growth, laying the groundwork for the eventual large-scale deployment of 50G PON.

Examining the future of industry, collaborative innovation, and application scenarios requires passing this screening test as a crucial first step. M. Reber, the main director of Networks at the Swiss tech company, stated that on the top networks, the engineers were working on enhancing client experience and speeding up the electronic opportunities for businesses to use.

The Swiss organization and Huawei have created a network that is equipped to handle the newest opportunities presented by a fast-changing tech world and new technological advances.

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