How is microscopic analysis performed?

The medical and biomedical industries are dependent upon many instruments and methods used for microscopic analysis. Understanding how viruses spread, studying effects of medicine during trials, and identification of cell types all play a vital role in many processes. Using these technologies many lives have already been saved, and many more will be. The following article will present some of these methods.

Particle Behavior Analysis

Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) is a technique used to determine a particle’s motion in liquids. Using laser illumination, the movement of small enough structures, (such as viruses for example) can be accurately described. Use of this technology has applications in many areas, such as virology, drug delivery methods, vaccine development, and more.

Medical Trials using Mice

Mice have for many years been used for the development of all kinds of vaccines and medicine. They are used as in – vivo test subjects to understand and see the effects of diseases and their corresponding treatments. Methods for mice imaging include ultrasound imaging, fluorescence and bioluminescence imaging, optoacoustic imaging and more.

Early Detection of Cancerous Growths

Tumor imaging performed in early stages of growths is an important step in combatting the disease. The earlier it is detected, the lower the chance the cancer has already spread and the easier it becomes to treat it properly. Methods for tumor detection include X – Ray imaging, insertion of biomolecules that bind to the cancerous cells, MRI and more.

A Solution to all Technological Needs

Research groups and labs often don’t have the time or resources to perform every process on their own. That’s exactly the sort of hurdle Merkel Technologies tackle.

The company provides many services for research institutions, such as ultrasound imaging, NTA, fluorescence and bioluminescence imaging and much more. It also offers renting services of high – quality equipment, useful for starting companies that cannot acquire them on their own.

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