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Binetrix Review

Binetrix logoBinetrix has an FAQ section for answering questions that most traders need answers to. If your answers are not there, you can also use other channels for reaching their team 24/5. They can be contacted through email, or an online contact form that you can find on their website. There is also a phone number that can be used for any immediate help.
Binetrix homepageIntroduction

Are you looking for means to make high profits in a short span of time? There was a time when it wasn’t considered possible, unless you were ready to break some laws, but now people do have options at their disposal. One of these is online trading in the financial markets, which are brimming with opportunities for people nowadays. You don’t need hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to tap into the potential of these markets and neither do you need to be an expert to make your entry. Even complete novices with a small sums of money can take a dip in these waters.

The internet and technological advancement have brought trading, like everything else, straight into your homes. You don’t need to go anywhere, as you can trade from any location, as long as you have an internet connection and a desktop, laptop or mobile device. Likewise, you don’t have to follow a fixed schedule if you want to trade; you can make it your full-time profession, or trade part time, while you continue with your job. There are no educational or experience prerequisites, but they can certainly be helpful in the long run to help you succeed.

There is only one requirement that you will come across and that’s to find an online broker. This also exists in traditional trading markets and it hasn’t changed, even with the shift to the online world. They are your gateway and partner in the trading world and play a very important role in your journey. Thus, this choice is not something that you can take lightly or not put any effort into. Having the right company by your side can make a big difference in how your trading experience and outcome will turn out. If you want to have a good one, you need to choose a good broker.

This often becomes a challenge because the number of such firms has increased tenfold in the last decade, given the popularity of these markets. Too many options can often overwhelm and confuse, prompting people to select the wrong one. As long as you are not making this decision in a hurry, you can eliminate any chances of making mistakes by doing your research thoroughly. This means taking a look at what you are being offered. Binetrix is one platform that you will come across in your search. It was established by Expand Solutions Ltd, a frim that’s operating out of the Republic of Seychelles.

Binetrix registration

Take a look at what Binetrix has to offer in order to determine if it should be your partner or not:

  • The trading platform for execution

Why is a broker still needed by traders in the world of the internet? It is because they provide you with the one vital tool that’s required for executing your trades; a trading platform. This is a software, which is especially designed for connecting to the financial markets and provides the features, functionality and tools that are required in the trading process. Every company will offer you a different platform, which means it can vary and you need to take a look at it in order to ensure it doesn’t lack in any way. When it comes to Binetrix, they have added a web trading platform boasting a highly intuitive interface.

As it is running on advanced technology, it is not sluggish and doesn’t lag, allowing traders to make ultra-fast trade executions in real-time. The intuitive interface by Binetrix ensures that every trader, whether they are a newbie or experienced trader, will be able to navigate the platform easily. In addition, they have equipped it with some of the top trading tools in the market, such as price alerts, technical and fundamental analysis tools, advanced charts, live trading news and various trading indicators. These can be immensely helpful when making trading decisions.

However, one of the best things about the trading platform is that it offers cross-device functionality. As it is a web trading platform, it functions through the browser and doesn’t need any downloading or installation. This allows you to use it on any device you may have accessible at a given moment, whether it is your desktop PC, a laptop or a mobile device. Binetrix has ensured that it will work for both Android and iOS platforms smoothly, which enables trader to trade on the go and not miss out on any market changes.

Binetrix trading platform

  • The signup process

One of the most intimidating steps for many traders is signing up with a broker because they have to share their personal information and there might be other steps involved that can be time consuming and complex. As a matter of fact, a lot of people give up halfway through the signup process because they don’t feel comfortable. When you decide to sign up with Binetrix, you will see that their process is quite different from others. They do not have any complicated requirements that can be daunting for traders.

Instead, you will be asked to complete a single form that can be easily found on their website. As far as the details are concerned, they are very basic and will only take a couple of minutes of your time. Your first and last name, country, phone number, an email address and a password that will be used as your login details, are the things you need to enter. You also have to choose the currency with which you will fund and withdraw your trading account. There are three options provided, which are USD, GBP and EUR. Then, you need to go through Binetrix’s Terms & Conditions and agree with them to complete the signup process.

  • Choosing a trading account

At the end of the signup process, you will be provided with a number of account choices by brokers. This is considered industry standard for those who are catering traders from different backgrounds i.e. beginners, intermediate traders and skilled traders. Three account options are quite common, but Binetrix has kicked things up a notch by providing six choices to their clients. This gives traders room to choose a trading account they are comfortable with. The options that you will find are:

Basic: Developed for traders who are new to the trading world and don’t have any prior experience, the Basic account asks for a minimum deposit of €1,000. This account gives traders access to live support 24/5, Educational center, and daily market review, along with basic price alerts to assist them.

Bronze: Traders who have had a bit of exposure can go with the Bronze account, which can be opened with a minimum deposit of €10,000. It gives features of the Basic account with a prominent addition of a dedicated account manager for providing guidance and assistance.

Silver: In order to accommodate intermediate traders, the Silver account has been introduced and the minimum deposit needed for opening this account is €25,000. In this account, traders can also access Pro webinars and they also receive advanced price alerts. They can also get a personalized trading strategy, custom analytics, exclusive position access and 1-on-1 training. They can also open an Islamic account version of this account option.

Gold: Advanced traders have a bit more advanced requirements, so the Gold account has been added for them. This can be opened by depositing €50,000. It provides traders with invitation to premier events, along with the other features.

Platinum: For skilled traders, Binetrix has added the Platinum account and it has the highest deposit requirement of €100,000. Here, traders receive VIP position access, highly skilled and expert trainers, advanced analytical tools and the best strategies that can be used.

Black: The final account option that traders will find here are meant for professional and VIP traders, as they will be given access to all features the broker has to offer, along with extras. As far as account opening is concerned, it is not possible to directly sign up for it. Traders have to fulfill certain requirements before they can be considered eligible for this account choice. To know what these are, you will have to speak to your account manager, as they will be able to provide you with guidance.

  • The payment methods

In order to start trading, you will have to deposit your money and this means fulfilling the minimum requirements of the account you choose to open. To be able to do so, you have to look at what payment methods can be used. These will be different for every platform, and it is best for you to check in order to confirm that there are methods you are comfortable with and can use easily. If deposits and withdrawals are inconvenient and costly, they can cause a lot of hassle and also eat into your profits. You will find that Binetrix has added a range of payment methods to provide suitable options for every trader.

Traders can opt to add their funds through bank wire transfers, which are a traditional option and quite secure, as the funds are transferred directly from your bank account. However, bear in mind that your bank may charge you for it. If you don’t want this option, you can try out debit and credit cards, which are a lot quicker and faster. You can use different cards, whether Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro or MasterCard. Most importantly, Binetrix has also added e-wallet options that are popular amongst traders these days, such as Neteller and SoFort.

Deposits are usually quick and immediate and there are no charges associated with them. But, withdrawals do require a few days for the transaction to be processed and there may be charges that vary according to method.

Binetrix payment methods

  • The educational and learning resources

As stated in the beginning, entering the trading world doesn’t come with any educational prerequisites. Even if you don’t have any knowledge or experience, you are free to invest in the trading market and see what you make of it. Nonetheless, an important thing that you need to remember is that if you wish to succeed in the long run, you need to know how the market works, its ins and outs and how to come up with a proper strategy. Even a small mistake can cost you big, and this is something you don’t want to deal with. But, where do you learn from? Sure, the internet offers you plenty of resources, but not all of them might be reliable.

This is where Binetrix can come in handy, as they have created an educational center for guiding and training their clients. First off, you will find a Glossary offered here, which explains the basic jargon and terminologies that traders need to know. There are plenty of videos, tutorials, e-books, articles, blogs and other learning material that can be immensely useful. Moreover, there are webinars that are conducted by experts and professionals to provide insight and in-depth look into the market. One-on-one training sessions are also provided for helping traders in polishing their skills. Account managers can also assist you in developing trading strategies that help you make the most profits.

  • The customer support options

At some point or another, you will need customer support, so it is a good idea to see if options are available in this regard. Binetrix has an FAQ section for answering questions that most traders need answers to. If your answers are not there, you can also use other channels for reaching their team 24/5. They can be contacted through email, or an online contact form that you can find on their website. There is also a phone number that can be used for any immediate help.

Apart from these features, you will also find excellent security protocols used by Binetrix, a Bring a Friend program to help you earn good commissions and solid trading conditions that can help traders in unlocking all trading secrets and earning high profits.

Pros Cons
Intuitive webtrading platform Limited Asset Range
Live support 24/5 Does not support clients from many countries
Videos, tutorials, e-books High minimum deposit
Bring a Friend program

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