At last, Samsung has presented the UK with the Chromebook 4 series

Finally, UK Samsung clients who may wish for a lightweight, affordable notebook have the opportunity to purchase the Chromebook 4+ and the Chromebook 4. The USA launched the Chromebook 4 series more than one year ago, and it only became available in the UK recently at an initial cost of £299.

Samsung is giving the same story about the product’s launch in the UK. According to the firm, the Chromebook 4 series is a representation of the latest gold standard of value because of its capability of integrating outstanding performance with competitive prices.

Specifications and UK price for Chromebook 4 series

The Chromebook 4+ and Samsung Chromebook’s differences are on the exterior, not the interior since the two models use similar kinds of Intel Celeron N4000 CPU featuring Intel UHD Graphics 600 as well as PLDDR4-RAM (4GB) and the same kinds of camera, speaker configuration, and WLAN.

Additionally, the Chromebook 4 consists of a display of 11.6-inch while, the Chromebook 4+ has a bigger 15.5-inch FHD panel fitted. The later type’s body has a plastic covering with a dimension of 287.9 x 202.3 x 16.7 mm with a weight of 1.18 Kg.

The Chromebook 4+ ’s body has a plastic and aluminum structure with dimensions of 359.7 x 245 x 16.5 mm and a weight of 1.69 Kg. You can buy the Chromebook 4 in the UK with storage of 32GB at £299, while £349 and £379 can make you the owner of the Chromebook 4+ featuring 32 GB / 64GB respectively.

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