Apple iPad Mini 5 – The Ideal and Only Compact Tablet?

If you long for a small tablet, it is the best option the market has to offer. The iPad Mini emerges top because of a strong processor, excellent battery life, light, compact design, and the ideal iPadOS tablet operating system.


–  Lightweight and compact

–  Outstanding performance

–  Minimal competition

–  Fantastic iPadOS 14 features


–  Lack of Apple Pencil 2 support

–  Old design

–  Absence of USB-C charging

Apple’s 5th Generation iPad Mini 

In 2020, it is rare to get small tablets, and the iPad Mini 5 is among the last ones. The good news is that it walks the talk when it guarantees to pack Apple’s ideal iPad series into a more compact design.

When you ignore the big bezels and absence of USB-C charging, it becomes the ideal tablet you purchase, regardless of the size. Apple’s  iPad series is a leader in the tablet kingdom one decade after the initial device was launched. However, the iPad Mini appears to be in unfamiliar territory. The market’s demand is mainly for the leading iPad Pro or the most affordable iPad. On the first appearance, the iPad Mini does not seem worth that high price because its screen is smaller. In the last year, however, I have come to adore the iPad Mini. The review below gives you the reasons for this.

The small iPad Mini

When discussing the iPad Mini, you also need to mention what position it holds in Apple’s iPad series. As stated earlier, it has a 7.9-inch display that is tinier than the conventional iPad-s 10.2-inch panel. However, it includes the True Tone Technology from apple and an antireflective exterior. It is more resistant as well and features a laminated display that protects against scratches and other harm.


The iPad Mini’s size attracted me to it when I compared it with other similar size options. Nexus 7 is the first tablet I fell in love with, and despite the change of OS, it gave me the same service. I wished for a smaller tablet for reading and media consumption at times, and it delivered. Another element I like about it is that there is 64GB of storage in the base model. It is a fair amount for a tablet as it does not require nearly as much space as a phone. The conventional iPad’s base model has just 32GB, and the cost of the 128GB iPad is a lot more than the most affordable iPad Mini. With the iPad Mini, you get all you desire from a compact tablet.

The first impression of the iPad mini design is that it is old-fashioned as it features a physical fingerprint reader or home button and huge bezels.  Models that are more costly, like the iPad Pro and  the iPad Air, have a more sophisticated look. In this case, however, smaller bezels reduce the device’s functionality.

It is lovely to have some area to keep a tablet without unnecessary taps, and I am happy to sacrifice some screen real estate for this. It also has amazing battery life. At night, when browsing the web or reading for some hours, the battery lasted one week without an issue. The battery drained quicker after streaming video; however, it guarantees that the battery will give you the 10-hour battery life it promises. When it comes to using the iPadOS device, it has dramatically advanced in the last few years. Currently, it offers mouse & keyboard support, multitasking tools, widgets, and a variety of other features, making it simple to utilize.


The Apple iPad Mini 5 does not have many disadvantages, particularly since its competition in the industry is minimal. One major drawback is that it only supports the Apple Pencil (first-generation), which is a strange charging technique. It plugs beneath the tablet and protrudes out. It looks comical and renders the tablet useless.

Additionally, ancient design can repel some consumers.  Apple could have indeed decreased the sizes of the bezel. Also, it could have changed to the more popular standard of USB-C charging.  However, when you are looking for a small tablet, these factors should not discourage you.

Should I buy the Apple iPad Mini?

If you long for a small tablet, it is the best option the market has to offer. The iPad Mini emerges top because of a strong processor, excellent battery life, light, compact design, and the ideal iPadOS tablet operating system. The standard iPad is a gem for consumers who only desire a great tablet and do not mind a bigger one. The iPad Pro and iPad Air are more costly; however, the two emerge top regarding the best tablets money can afford. Also, for people who do not want Apple’s ecosystem, there are a few great Android tablets, although they cannot compare with what Apple has to offer.

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